What the Tomorrowland crop circle looks like from the ground


So, I was a bit intrigued by those reports about a Tomorrowland crop circle visible when landing at Brussels Airport. A few weeks back I had the pleasure to be onboard on one of those Brussels Airlines operated partyflights (one from Munich) but due to atypical wind conditions we had to land on another runway. Luckily people shared their pictures on Instagram and Twitter!

Tomorrowland Crop Circle as seen from a Brussels Airlines flight

A bit of Google Map magic later (don’t worry, just match the form of the fields with what you see on the footage and what’s visible on Google Maps while ignoring the color of the crops) and there you go: the crop circle is located just a bit north of a town called Erps-Kwerps. I put some snapshots of what I found last week in the fields. If you’re fast, you can find it too!





Thanks to the farmers hosting the Tomorrowland crop circle!


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